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  0.2.6 (2005-06-09)


Miniscreenshot Documancer is programmer's documentation reader with very fast fulltext searching. It's available for Unix (using GTK+) and Windows and implemented using wxPython. It has several advantages over using web browser or specialized format-specific viewers (such as info):

  • unified access to all documentation formats
  • the GUI is better suited for documentation reading that generic web browser
  • documancer can create fulltext index for the docs and enables the user to quickly search it
  • bookmarks and indexes are manual-specific, which reduces false matches and chaos in bookmarks

Please see project page for mailings lists, bug tracker etc. Thanks to Gmane, the mailing list is now available as news group gmane.text.documancer.user (archive and search) as well.

Downloads and repository access are described at the downloads page.


2005-06-09: Version 0.2.6 released

This version features two new content providers: one for reading DevHelp books and another one for accessing WWW sites (with fulltext search!). This release works better on Windows 9x as well.

2005-02-12: Version 0.2.5 released

0.2.4 was often freezing when indexing on Linux. This release fixes this and a couple of other bugs.

2005-02-06: Version 0.2.4 released

Finally a new release after a long delay. The changes are mostly under the hood, most visible change is that fulltext indexing is now done using Lucene (via PyLucene) and fully supports Unicode input.

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