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  0.2.6 (2005-06-09)

About the Author

You can contact me by e-mail: Feel free to send suggestions, bug fixes and patches, they are most welcome!

My Amazon wishlist.

OpenPGP public key

My OpenPGP key (ID 0x465264C9). You can also retrieve it from public key servers (e.g. this one). The fingerprint is 5E7A 8F00 4258 988E ABA5 7FB3 C436 1AFD 4652 64C9.

Other Projects of Mine

I either developed or participated in development of a few other OpenSource projects:

  • poEdit is a cross-platfrom editor of gettext message catalogs (.po files)
  • Bakefile is native makefiles generator.
  • I participate in development of the wxWindows cross-platform GUI toolkit. Give it a try!
  • libunicows is a library that enables people who don't use Visual C++ to use MSLU, Microsoft's not-that-well-done attempt to bring Unicode to Windows 9x. wxWindows uses it.
  • cvsq is a small wrapper for CVS that makes it possible to queue changes and commit them to remote repository at once when you connect to Internet.

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