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  0.2.6 (2005-06-09)



In order to successfully build & use Documancer, you will need:

Source Code


Alternatively you can download the package from download pages. All past releases of Documancer are available there as well.

Installation instructions:

  1. Install Mozilla (you must have Mozilla's headers as well (usually in mozilla-dev(el) package in your distribution, version at least 1.3).
  2. Install wxPython. Note that both wxPython and Mozilla must be compiled with same (major) version of GCC! This is a problem if you are using RPMs from because they were compiled with gcc-2.96 while most current distributions come with Mozilla compiled with gcc-3.x. The best is to compile wxPython yourself (e.g. from .src.rpm) with system's default compiler or use the version that is part of your distribution.
  3. Install wxMozilla. Use ./configure --enable-python, otherwise the Python module needed by Documancer won't be installed.
  4. Compile Documancer:
    ./configure && make && make install

If you are using RPM-based distribution, you can build RPM packages from the sources:

rpmbuild -ta documancer-0.2.6.tar.gz

Windows package


This installer contains everything needed to run Documancer, it has no other dependencies.

Latest Development Sources

Documancer uses Subversion for revision control. You can use web interface to browse to the repository. Instructions on how to fetch sources from the repository and another web interface are available at project page.

Use the following command to checkout the latest sources:

    svn co
This command can be used to checkout the latest public release:
    svn checkout

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