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 Latest Version
  0.2.6 (2005-06-09)


Supported Documentation Formats

Documancer can display documentation in all commonly used formats:

Support for reading locally stored HTML files.
Documancer can read HTML books stored in format used by the DevHelp viewer and generated by gtk-doc tool. Documentation for GTK+ and various GNOME libraries is in this format.
Info pages
The backend is implemented using de-facto standard info2html converter.
Manual pages
The backend uses modified man2html from official man distribution. It was tailored to produce fancier output similar to KDE's viewer.
WWW sites
Remote WWW sites with documentation (e.g. can be viewed in Documancer as well. In this case, fulltext search is implemented using Yahoo! Search service.
pydoc is a tool bundled with Python that scans all installed Python modules and generates documentation from their docstrings. It is invaluable when working with modules that are only poorly documented in official HTML documentation.

User Interface

Documancer's UI is tailored to be used as a documentation reader. It is based on Mozilla's HTML rendering engine Gecko. Documentation of all formats is presented in same UI and in central place.

  • Documancer can create fulltext search index for documentation, so that you can quickly search it for things you need.
  • Everything (bookmarks, fulltext search, ...) is organized into tematic books (e.g. Python Manual, GTK+ Manual, Autoconf). You work only with a single book at a time and you are never bothered with false search results etc.
  • Bookmarks.

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